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resonance: MA Publishing Module

By Mark Price

The following are extracts from resonance, a poetic collection, written by Mark Price, in response to photographs of the natural world, taken by Caroline Westoll. The photographs act as an evocation or point of resonance, through which a connection is made, to what might be described as everyday magic – those moments when our senses are seized and we experience a felt shift.


Mark Price is a tutor, supervisor, researcher and writer.

He holds academic posts at: - St Mary’s University, Twickenham and - The Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry at the University of Edinburgh.


Caroline Westoll is a nutrition and wellbeing practitioner. Her photographs of natural treasures found on walks and around her garden can be found on her Instagram.




in glorious fragility

to know what it is to fail and fall

but not to stay – just now – in this moment to share

threaded through with joyous abandonment

that would be the only sin – the only lack of grace to know

and so, here, hanging

and glory in the knowledge

that at some point soon

all this too will be gone

but now

is always




do you remember that time?

it was cold

and you put on extra layers.

we held tight to each other

and to the moment

scrunched against the world,

as if nothing could leave us now.

and in that moment

as future and past left us

the freeze came.

later we returned

but the moment had melted,

replaced by cooling embarrassment

and hot breath in the morning sun.



how old?!


such growth punctuates

and leaves its mark

but look closer now

wide eyes and gentle touch

burn bright

and come into colour

do not cage this moment

for it is forever



let go my love

the wind catches us

all is well

we were so close

but each of us has to go our own way now

it's ok

be happy

we can do this

our time has come

so soon

the last connection








tension holds

a gentle heart

come into balance now



and nothing stirs


on trust

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