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Pink Noodles

By Oli Court

Tainted plastic wrongs

Vacuum-sealed goodness for profit

Tray down stuffiness tight too tight

Legroom lost to tyrants

Seat upright

Cough and splutter down aisle

Air and water gone but

Bland pretend superheroes

Fly across seatback screens

Tiny little plane unmoving over Siberia

Girl, green flesh ill girl wheezing

Confined monster scratching

Always scratching

And Pink Noodles

Cloying strings of error

Cling to each other

And gullet

Cooked in 3D printer

Foul dry slither makes gag

Shiver and heave

Toilet occupied

Muster up another mouthful in

White plastic for legal reasons known as fork

And retch again

Brain was right first time

Plane lands

Rising sun sleeps

And girl weeps and weeps and weeps

So leave

But still there

Stuck always

Are Pink Noodles

Choking memories

Sickening tongue

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