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When the Morning Comes

By John Chinaka Onyeche

I now know lately what death smells like

As I walked through the shadows of the stars

Through an opening from where life escaped

There, death smells like every sour alkaline

With frosted wind jamming against the wall

All thereof is left to whisper shadows of shade

Unbeknownst that this too, it is an awakening

I breathed last night and it was sour within

The nose is now tasting the sour whirlwind

I did return to break the morning halfway

But, the morning came with fist clung to life,

Since the last night, I had danced with the Moon

To this day, I have been loosening my humanity

Through the words of one, we did profess beloved

At the riverside, where we had watched the seagulls

As they mixed their joy in the riverbed and drank

Who would have believed that to love is to die too

For the first time, love is taking flight into the skies

This flight without a perch on one pole or cage

But many unwanted thresholds it landed on

Voicing the grievances for the aimless flight

Last night when love smashed my heart

It was like a woman who lost her husband

On the eve of their wedding in an attempt thereof,

To save her from drowning in the seas of emotion

There, love drowned him, who is to be loved

There, love immersed him in death

Him who is to be loved, now he is dead

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