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Submission Guidelines

Submissions for online content are now open! We aim to post regular content on a bi-monthly basis

Submissions for our Zine will be open until the 31st of March

This is a magazine run by and for the students of the University of Brighton, and so we are primarily interested in receiving submissions from current Brighton students, and alumni.

We accept interviews, literary reviews, poetry, prose fiction, flash fiction, essays and letters. We also welcome visual narrative explorations like art, photography and videos.

We are looking for your best work, so no first drafts please. We want work that best represents you as a creative. We want your finest craft, your truest voice, your most engaging art.  

All submissions should be sent to with the category (e.g. POEM) and the title of the piece in the subject headline in BLOCK CAPITALS. Please include your name and contact information in the body of the email but NOT on the document itself. We ask that you submit in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, or .pdf file format

Prose should be double spaced and presented in an easy-to-read font, like Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica

Please specify ZINE or ONLINE in the body of your submission email.

We will read: 


Prose, Fiction, Non Fiction, Reviews, Interviews etc.  

·      For work under 1500 words, we will consider 1-3 pieces per submission

·      For work between 1500-3500 words we will consider 1-2 pieces per submission


·      Under 40 lines

·      We will accept 1-3 submissions per entry

If we agree to publish your work, we’ll find a suitable image to use as an icon for the piece, but we gladly invite to provide your own image, if you think you have something that will look amazing AND is not protected by copyright.

We will view:

Artwork and Photography

·      Consisting of up to 4 pages/photos

·      1 piece per submission

·      Jpeg format preferred


(Narrative and Spoken-Word, Visual Art and Performance)

·      Under 10 minutes long, 1 piece per submission

·      Please submit via YouTube or Vimeo Link

·      Please confirm that you have the permission of subjects, or the hosts of any event involved

We will consider:

Other kinds of creative work not listed above. Please send us a short description of what you’d like to submit, and why you think it would be suitable for Pier Review.

Please Note:

You should allow up to 8 weeks for us to provide a decision on your submission, we aim to respond to all submissions.
Feedback will be given at the discretion of the Pier Review team, not by request

Please advise whether or not you’re happy for us to share your work on social media.

We don't mind if your work is published elsewhere, however, other publications might, so if you're submitting your work elsewhere then we strongly advise you check their submission guidelines.

Zine Submissions:


Our Zine is specifically aimed at amplifying the voices of those who tend to be under-represented in publishing as a whole, including the LGBTQIA+ community, people of colour, those with disabilities, or anyone else who often struggle to see themselves represented in media, with the aim to diversify and decolonising our own university publishing platform. The deadline for submissions to our Zine is the 31st of March



Can I submit coursework once it’s been assessed?


What happens if I submit something and then change my mind?

Simply contact us and let us know, and we will take your work down immediately.

Who owns the rights to my work?

You do. We are just the happy hosts of your creative efforts, helping to share your work with a wider audience.

Will my work be edited?

Probably. It will be reviewed by our editorial team and amends might be made to improve the quality. This could include changes like typos and correcting unintentional grammatical errors.

When that is done we will choose an image we think best illustrates your work and is in keeping with our house style, unless you have already sent us something suitable, and which is not protected by copyright.

If you are unhappy with what is posted, you can let us know and we will review suggested edits, or remove the piece at your request.

If, in the first instance when we review your work, we feel that more substantial changes are needed we will contact you to discuss that before we post anything.

When should I submit my work?

For online content, we have a rolling publishing submission window. Submissions for our Zine is 31st March.

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